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Restoration and relief, naturally—you deserve it. Sourced from the world’s most powerful plant created with America’s purest water.

Premium, Full Spectrum CBD

“The best CBD extraction method preserves the natural, synergistic integrity of the hemp plant.”

Water Extraction Matters

Hank Clemmons, DVM

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Our Products

Our CBD products are created with an entrepreneurial spirit and the purest water from Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Artesian Wellness offers premium, full spectrum CBD processed through a proprietary water extraction technique developed by pioneers in the CBD industry.

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Custom Herbal Formulations

Our Formula

Artesian Wellness CBD oil is a true, full spectrum, all natural hemp product. Unlike other CBD products we use no harsh chemical solvents, high-pressures, or distillation methods to strip oils and remove contaminants.

The Artesian proprietary extraction process uses a simple, pure water extraction method. Artesian oils are naturally clean, naturally pure, and extracted using pure mountain spring water and sustainably harvested organic coconut oil or all natural MCT oil.

Source plants are raised using organic farming techniques with third party laboratory testing at every step of the process from soil to sale, to ensure both purity and potency.

The combination of high-grade source material and clean extraction produces a high quality, powerful, purified CBD extract perfectly crafted for a discriminating buyer.

Our Story

Artesian Wellness is a family organization marrying modern and traditional practices with a mission to improve the vitality of life through natural, plant-based medicines.

The Clemmons family combines a variety of professions connected by a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit including:

  • Veterinarian
  • Emergency Department Physician
  • Clinical Herbalist
  • Health and Wellness Practitioner
  • CBD Industry Pioneer
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscientist

As a family unit, they enter the CBD market with a premium product appealing to mature, discerning consumers and with distribution partners demanding a higher quality solution.

“At Artesian Wellness we strive every day to make ourselves better. Not better than other people, but better for other people. Our products reflect that commitment.”

John Rogowicki


Feedback from Partners and Customers

Strega Gardens

“I was having severe abdominal pain due to hemorrhoids, and with just one dose of Artesian Wellness CBD in pill form I found that within 10 minutes there was relief. I didn’t even know how much pain I was actually experiencing until it dissipated.”

– Strega Gardens (Client)

Laura Clemmons

“I use Artesian Wellness CBD for all my clients with painful intestinal issues such as IBS, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and more. The best part about using a good product is that it works. I can give this to my clients with confidence!”

– Laura Clemmons, Clinical Herbalist, Founder, Strega Gardens

Mieko Aok

“I have been using Artesian Wellness CBD topically with my clients that present with muscular back pain and they are finding relief. Along with lifestyle and nutrition support, I am seeing results with AW CBD for insomnia, after starting this supplement my client is getting 4-5 hours of unbroken sleep a night!”

– Mieko Aoki CH, CPM., Founder, Aoki Birthing Care


“My daughters have a form of Muscular Dystrophy called Friedreich’s Ataxia. They experience painful cramping at night and Artesian Wellness addresses this issue and helps them sleep. We tried other brands, but Artesian Wellness is just more powerful.”

– Amanda (Client)



Gluten Free

Less than .3% THC


Organically Grown

100% USA products

Water Extracted